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There is an art to window dressing. Knowing what styles will enhance the natural beauty of a window, or what design will bring a room together is just one of the specialties of Kaylee Curtains and Blinds. Our team have a number of skills they utilise when creating a beautiful curtain, blind or soft furnishing package for you. All products are custom-made in our Cairns workshop, using fabrics and accessories that have been carefully selected by us.

We offer customers a complete package. We design, custom-make and install blinds, curtains and shutters to your specifications. Phone to see how we can assist you today.



Kaylee Curtains and Blinds have an extensive range of quality fabrics from renowned suppliers, which makes us easy to find the perfect style to match your vision. All curtains are custommade to your specifications in our Cairns workshop, ensuring a perfect fit for your home. We even take care of all measuring and estimates for you.

In addition to providing custom made curtains to suit all applications, Kaylee Curtains and Blinds provide a full installation service. We ensure precision installation of all curtain hardware, so your new window dressings will open and close with ease for years to come.

With so many different styles available, it is easy to see why custom-made blinds are such a popular option. Kaylee Curtains and Blinds create functional blinds to suit a variety of needs, from block-out blinds for resorts through to soft pleated blinds for the home. All blinds are made to individual preferences and measurements.

Once your custom blinds are completed, Kaylee Curtains and Blinds provide a complete installation service. We use high-quality hardware that offers durability and smooth operation. View our photo gallery to see examples of blinds we have custom made for other North Queensland clients

Crafted from durable materials, our plantation shutters are suitable for homes, resorts, units, hotels and a host of other needs. The slimline design allows for maximum light dispersion, while not detracting from other features of the room. Kaylee Curtains and Blinds also provide a complete installation service for all plantation shutters.

Kaylee Curtains and Blinds have a complete selection of fabrics from renowned producers, including Gummersons, Maurice Kain and many others. This range allows us to create beautiful curtains and provide quality textiles for your soft furniture needs.

If you need some assistance matching drapery colours and styles with the rest of your furnishings, Kaylee Curtains and Blinds can help. Whatever the application or purpose, we provide interior decoration and colour matching services to create a harmonised environment.

Phone us to discuss our range of home improvement design services.

At Kaylee Curtains and Blinds, we can create window and soft furnishing packages to suit your needs. Starting from scratch, we can install all of the hardware, then custom-make your drapery, blinds and soft furnishings that complement the style of your home or commercial property.

Kaylee Curtains and Blinds are trusted blind and curtain manufacturers for resort or hotel needs. We can measure, quote, design and install high-quality products to suit resorts of all sizes. Our custom products include curtains, blinds, shutters, soft furnishings and cushions for use inside or outside.

Call us to discuss your requirements and property specifications.

Let us take care of a complete design and fit-out for your luxury marine craft, using quality materials that complement the boat's design. We have a comprehensive range of fine fabrics to select from and all products are custom-made to ensure a perfect fit.

See some examples of our finished marine window furnishings.

In addition to our Cairns curtain design and supply, Kaylee Curtains and Blinds can also replace aluminium and timber windows or doors. If your windows look damaged or outdated, we can remove and replace them for a fresher, more modern appearance.

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