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Interior design consultation Cairns

Professional Opinion

It’s worth getting a professional opinion when you decorate your home. At Curtains by Kaylee, we offer interior design consultations, available at your request.

You’ll have the benefit of someone who can help you choose the right patterns, colours and textures to match your vision. Not only that, they can also show you the logic behind their recommendations.

The advice you’ll receive will come from experts, experienced in all aspects of interior design. They will be taking the Big Picture into account, including your personal sense of style, on-trend considerations and the size and shape of the spaces in your home.

An interior design consultation is more effective when done earlier in the process, rather than later.

Purple Curtain — Curtains by Kaylee Gordonvale QLD
Stripe Curtain — Curtains by Kaylee Gordonvale QLD

How Our Interior Design Consultations Work

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Our Interior Design Consultants are specialists.

We have a specialist for Furniture and Fabrics Selections. Another specialist will advise you on Colour Coordinates. And another Consultant specialises in Soft and Hard Furnishings.

Our mobile showroom allows you to see and feel samples and fabric swatches. You’ll be able to see how they look alongside your existing décor.

Run your ideas past our experts for honest, straightforward advice.

With our Interior Design Consultants on hand, you’ll get ideas and inspiration for upgrades that range from the most subtle to the most extravagant. You’ll be amazed by ideas you can use to transform the kids’ rooms. “Go to your room!” will have a whole new meaning.

Colours can be used to great effect. Applied correctly, they will convey a sense that everything is as it should be—no clashes of colour, no unsettling disharmony.

Our Consultants will put your mind at ease. A quote for the various décor elements will be no problem. Neither will ordering fabrics for your project.

Book Your Interior Design Consultation

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Don’t hesitate to book your interior design consultation if you’re committed to a makeover of your rooms. We’ll help you achieve the Wow Factor. And by that, we mean a look that ticks all the boxes—quality finish, everything in its rightful place, and a colour palette that suits your style.

Get started by giving us a call. We’ll be happy to arrange your appointment.

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