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Fabric Refurbishment in North Queensland

Fabric Refurbishment Packages

Curtains by Kaylee provides fabric refurbishment packages to help restore your hotel, superyacht, resort or other property.

We can supply and install curtains, blinds and other window coverings for even the largest commercial projects—thanks to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Goldsborough.

With first-class equipment and a team of dedicated professionals, we are able to respond promptly to the needs of any client, regardless of scale.

Whether your refurbishment plans are modest or extravagant, on land or at sea, we are ready to help at any step of the process—from the initial measure and quote, through to finessing the final installation.

Curtain & Fabric Supplier — Curtains by Kaylee Gordonvale QLD
Curtain & Fabric Supplier — Curtains by Kaylee Gordonvale QLD

At Curtains by Kaylee, our interior design consultants are available at your request. Their specialised training and expert insights provide invaluable help when it comes to making informed decisions about fabrics and curtain designs. Our designers can help you find window treatments and fabrics that will complement your asset beautifully.

Once fabrics and designs have been selected, we get to work in our manufacturing facility. The items you ordered will then be delivered, arriving in pristine condition, ready for our installation team.

Having measured up and accounted for every relevant aspect of the installation, our experienced team will take care of the complete, professional installation of curtains, blinds, shutters and other window coverings.

Nothing will be left to chance. The meticulous work we carry out will hold up well into the future. Your business can count on it.

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Curtains by Kaylee are Curtains by Design

When we help you refurbish, it’s personal. Whether restoring the quarters below-deck on a superyacht or upgrading the curtains and blinds of a multi-room hotel or resort, we will always take on the challenge!

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